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Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era delay “Summer Knights”

Joey Bada$$ 4By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A large amount of momentum was behind Joey Bada$$ coming into 2013. He closed the year of 2012 off with his project with Pro Era. Hearts were heavy when Capital STEEZ died right before the 2013 run. All of their success is bittersweet, but the fans have high interest in Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era.

Currently, the group is working on their latest project. They plan to flood the summer with new music. Summer Knights is the name of their upcoming project for which the artwork was recently released. Anticipation for the new release is building, but there is a wrench in these plans.

Though he did not reveal an official new release date, Joey Bada$$ took to his Twitter with disappointing news. He did not reveal much, but the point got across loud and very clear. Summer Knights pushed back is what the tweet read and now fans have to wonder when the project will be released.

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