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HHV Exclusive: DJ Junior talks Artists to Know, mixtape buzz, and Choppa Zoe

DJ Junior 3By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Very rare it is to run across someone like DJ Junior. Although he is a DJ by trade, he is really a jack of all trades. Those who visit the mixtape torrent sites are already familiar with DJ Junior’s work. DJ Junior credits his success to the mixtapes, but there is much more to him.

A native of the DMV area, DJ Junior has found second homes in New York City, Miami, and Atlanta. DJ Junior is usually in Atlanta due to his work with Gucci Mane’s label, 1017 Brick Squad, for which he is a DJ for. Not only is DJ Junior with Brick Squad, he also has his own artist, Choppa Zoe, with Vice Music Group, and his column here on Hip Hop Vibe.

DJ Junior has been working with Hip Hop Vibe over the past seven months, but we never had the pleasure. The summer is here and DJ Junior is not letting it pass him by. One day removed from his latest Artist to Know, DJ Junior sat down with Hip Hop Vibe to speak on his popular column, his mixtape success, and his work with Choppa Zoe and the company, Vice Music Group.

Read the entire interview below:

How do you feel about the revived Artists to Know series? I feel like that it is a great section and it is great for independent artists who are making moves to get exposure. It is a great look for everyone who is supportive of it.

Why did you choose to put your name behind it and become a columnist? First off, I support Hip Hop Vibe because they have supported me since day one. This is also a good look for me to show that I support people outside of the 1017 Brick Squad. Like I said and say often, I like to give spotlight to different artists who are being overlooked, giving them shine. In turn, this benefits the artists, this benefits myself, and the iste.

At this point, would you put yourself in the category of mixtape legend? No. I don’t see myself as a mixtape legend. Right now, I am still solidifying myself. I started back in 2009-2010 and I came up fast, but I am not on the level of a legend yet. I would like to become a DJ legend, because I used to be heavy on the club scene, but I backed off and began doing mixtapes.

You have been with Brick Squad since the beginning? Or did that come later? To be honest with you, I started out with Zoe Pound Entertainment and I maintain a familial relationship with them. But, I started off with Haitian Fresh and that led me into Brick Squad. Once me and him severed ties, I began working with Frenchie and MDE, along with 1017 Brick Squad. I still support Brick Squad Monopoly, but I am no longer a part of their crew anymore.

While you say you are not a mixtape legend, how do you feel about your mixtape buzz? I feel like my mixtapes gave me my buzz. The mixtapes took me from being local to global because people in other countries play my mixtapes and these mixtapes helped me build this buzz. Both in mixtape DJ-ing and DJ-ing, period, it was the mixtapes that started this off for me.

Can you talk about how you became a part of Vice Music Group? Pretty much, Choppa Zoe and his manager, Reggie Allen, reached out to me and DJ Grady to do a mixtape called Next on Deck 2.0. From there, he wanted to continue working with me and they wanted to help me out after I got into a bit of legal trouble. Soon, we became personal and our business began growing and they flew me out to New York and Miami, we shot videos, we held meetings, and then I decided to join their company.

Can you tell us about Choppa Zoe and Spittin FieChoppa Zoe is from West Palm Beach, Florida, but he moved to The Bronx to focus more on his music. We have done a few mixtapes together, including Spittin Fie, which Wyclef Jean is featured on. Also, Choppa Zoe appears on April Showers. Choppa Zoe is one of the heaviest grinders out there and we work together closely and now he is working with Torch, French Montana, Chinx Drugz, Wyclef Jean, and many more. Also, Choppa Zoe is knocking out features with artists all over the United States.

Will you be spotlighting another city with Artists to Know like you did with the NYC Edition? Yeah, other cities will probably be spotlighted, but right now we are determining which city to go to next. On the radar is Washington, DC, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and many more.

What’s your Facebook and Twitter so fans can follow you? Facebook is A.i. DJJunior Zoe. The A.I. is a nickname, Allen Iverson, we are both considered “The Answer” and my Twitter is @DJJunior1017.

Watch “For My Haitians” by DJ Junior ft. Choppa Zoe below:

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