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HHV’s NBA Eastern Conference Finals Recap: Game 1

Miami Heat Big 3By Justin Tyree
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Sports fans woke up on this Thursday morning, reflecting on the amazing basketball game that took place last night in American Airlines Arena. Paul George had his official coming out party, with David West and Roy Hibbert playing the role of supporting cast.

Coming into the series I picked Miami to win in five, and I stand by my decision. When the game was on the line, the superstars of Miami showed up and closed the deal. “Superstars make players.” The “Big 3” of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh scored the last four buckets for Miami, with James hitting the game-winning layup.

Yes, Frank Vogel made a coaching mistake of removing Hibbert from the last two possessions of the game, but Miami doesn’t win if James doesn’t recognized the move and makes the heady decision to take the ball to the rim. Let me not forget about George overplaying James and letting him go right by him to hit the game-winning layup.

Indiana played the game they wanted to play, forcing Miami to play Pacers style of basketball out rebounding Miami along with forcing turnovers, but that wasn’t enough. Paul George did make an amazing three 32 feet away from the basketball to force the game into overtime, then had Wade make the mental mistake of fouling George on a three point attempt in overtime to tie the game going into the final possession.

These things aren’t going to occur on a nightly basis in this series, but what I do know is when the game enters “crunch time” the Miami Heat have three players they can go to when they need a basket. These games are going to come down to wire, but what separates the two, is one team doesn’t really have a go to player when they need a bucket, when the other team has three options.

George finished with 27 points, West contributed 26 points, and Hibbert ended the game with 19 points. James led Miami with a triple-double of 30 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists, with Wade having 19 points and Bosh with 17 points of his own. Game one was amazing, expect nothing less from game two on Friday night.

Perhaps it was in the best interest of the Miami Heat, in terms of closing out the game, that there were no appearances from such guys as Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne, as they could focus on the task at hand much easier.

Watch the game recap below:

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