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Phenomenal Radio’s Indie Spotlight: Twanee

TwaneeBy Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There are so many artists who are working their hardest to make their dreams come true. What is ironic about it is that most of these artists have more talent and better music than the people in the game. This is the reason for Phenomenal Radio putting out the Indie Spotlight.

After taking two weekends off to restructure, the decision was made to move the Indie Spotlight into the middle of the week. With that being said, Phenomenal Radio’s segment will not take place in the week. The latest Indie Spotlight artist is Twanee, a rising figure on the R&B scene.

As she is gaining notoriety for her work, Twanee is a favorite at Phenomenal Radio. She is in rotation on the station and her music is well-received by the world. Twanee has risen to the occasion and she is one of the biggest rising artists in the game. Check out more from Twanee by following her on Twitter @MissTwanee.

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