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Big Money Heavyweights: Top Ten Tracks from the Big Tymers

Big TymersBy Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Cash Money Records is on top of the game right now, but most are well aware of their first run. Emerging in the late 1990s, Cash Money Records brought something different to the game and showed their side of New Orleans. Known for the Hot Boyz, the label also was home to the Big Tymers, consisting of Birdman and label producer, Mannie Fresh.

Releasing their How You Luv That debut album in 1998 and doubling up with their sophomore sequel in six months, the Big Tymers carved their role out in hip hop. They released their own albums and appeared on tracks from the other artists on the label. It was a nice era of hip hop when the Big Tymers reigned.

In this new incarnation of Cash Money Records, there have been a lot of changes. Always home to a large roster, Cash Money’s roster is double, if not triple, the size it was during the age of the Big Tymers. Despite the large roster, the Big Tymers, themselves, is one thing noticeably missing.

Recognizing this, Birdman made plans of bringing the group back with Drake and Lil Wayne replacing Mannie Fresh. In 2005, Mannie Fresh decided to leave Cash Money Records. With no love being lost from the Cash Money end toward Mannie Fresh, the Big Tymers are being revived without him. Before Big Tymers 2.0 begins, Hip Hop Vibe decided to reflect back on what was with the original duo, including songs with the Big Tymers as featured guests.

This list consists of the top ten songs from the Big Tymers’ discography.

Watch the music videos below:

10. “Oh Yeah” featuring Boo & Gotti 
In 2002, the Big Tymers released their breakout album, Hood RichDuring the summer of 2002, the Big Tymers dominated the game and they continued their run on top of the game with their “Oh Yeah” single that became one of the biggest hits late in the summer of 2002.

9. “Number One Stunna” featuring Lil Wayne, Turk, and Juvenile
With Steve Harvey doing a cameo in the music video, this showed the clout the Big Tymers had in the game circa 2000. Set as the lone single off the Big Tymers’ I Got That Work third album, Birdman and Mannie Fresh featured the Hot Boyz’ Lil Wayne, Turk, and Juvenile. This song remains one of the most important Cash Money songs ever, as Birdman still calls himself the “number one stunna” and several rappers are “stunnas.”

8. “Gangsta Girl” featuring R. Kelly
The first single off the Big Tymers’ last album, Big Money Heavyweight, the Big Tymers cashed in on R. Kelly’s popularity from 2003-2004. “Gangsta Girl” was a major hit and came out in the summer in 2004 at the height of materialism in hip hop and video vixens, then referred to as video honeys. Big cars worth more than houses and women big in the right places lace this video. While a big hit in 2004, it has been overlooked in the wake of the other songs in the Cash Money catalog.

7. “Get Your Roll On”
Often overlooked in the midst of the other songs that the Big Tymers did and were featured on, “Get Your Roll On” is a New Orleans classic. This is one of the signature Big Tymers tracks and it remains a cult classic. Included on 2000’s I Got That Work, “Get Your Roll On” set the tone for the Big Tymers and the impact they would have on the game for the first five years of the 21st century.

6. “Baller Blockin'” by Cash Money Millionaires including the Big Tymers
Before they were known as YMCMB, the collective roster of Cash Money Records was known as the Cash Money Millionaires. The year of 2000 was a breakout year for Cash Money Records. In addition to albums, Cash Money Records also put out their own film, Baller Blockin,’ which had a star-studded soundtrack. The title track is one of the classics from Cash Money Records featuring the Big Tymers of Birdman and Mannie Fresh alongside Turk, Lil Wayne, and B.G. of the Hot Boyz, alongside E-40.

5. “Way of Life” by Lil Wayne featuring the Big Tymers and TQ
Until the platinum and multiplatinum success of Tha Carter series, Lil Wayne was best-known for his “Way of Life” single. One reason this song stood out is because the Big Tymers were featured on it. There is a reason Hip Hop Vibe continues to refer to their run in 2002, they owned the game. Sure, there were a lot of successful artists in 2002, but the Big Tymers left their mark on the game in 2002. Dominating the track, many assumed “Way of Life” was their single. However, the song can be found on Lil Wayne’s 500 Degreez album.

4. “No Love” featuring Jazze Pha
The final single from the Big Tymers’ final album, Big Money Heavyweight, the single was released in 2004. In 2004, Jazze Pha had a breakout year and he provided the hook for the Big Tymers’ “No Love.” Underwhelming to be a final single, at the time, Birdman and Mannie Fresh assumed they would be back for more. Later this year, the Big Tymers will be back for more, just without Mannie Fresh.

3. “Project Chick” with the Hot Boyz
Another collective with the whole label as the Cash Money Millionaires, “Project Chick” was also taken from the Baller Blockin’ soundtrack. Notably featuring Juvenile on the hook, “Project Chick” ended up being the final song from the crew, as it stood then. Juvenile and B.G. left Cash Money Records later in 2000 over contract disputes. All drama aside, “Project Chick” had a lasting impact on hip hop, as the phrase is still used to describe a “take no shit” female from the ‘hood.

2. “Bling Bling” by B.G. featuring the Hot Boyz and the Big Tymers
Undoubtedly B.G.’s claim to fame, “Bling Bling” is the only thing Birdman regrets in business. “Bling Bling” is fourteen years old and has become an American phrase to describe expensive jewelry. Birdman has often stated he wishes he had copyrighted the phrase “Bling Bling,” as it is used all over pop culture and is a mainstay on the soap opera circuit. This song features the Big Tymers and The Hot Boyz with Lil Wayne on the hook and Juvenile and Turk featured. Originally, “Bling Bling” appeared on B.G.’s 1999 album, Chopper City in the Ghetto.

1. “Still Fly”
When thinking of the summer of 2002, the Big Tymers’ “Still Fly” single comes to mind. Marking the height of the Big Tymers’ run, “Still Fly” went down in history as the best single from the Big Tymers. When most think of Birdman and Mannie Fresh, they think of this song, as it helped put Gucci on the map in the urban world from Gucci suits, to Gucci watches. The lead single off Hood Rich, Birdman and Mannie Fresh had a quarter tank of gas and everything in their mama’s name. With this single being the Big Tymers’ staple, the Big Tymers are going to have to come back hard with Drake and Lil Wayne.

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