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Nicki Minaj threatens to kill “Access Hollywood” reporter, Laura Saltman, on Twitter

Nicki Minaj 9By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ever since she first rose to fame, Nicki Minaj did not hide the fact that she was “eccentric,” telling Barbara Walters about her personalities. Nicki Minaj revealed to MTV during her documentary that she considered suicide. All in all, Nicki Minaj found her way to the top of the game.

Last summer, Nicki Minaj was announced as the latest judge of “American Idol,” alongside Mariah Carey. This situation has gone from bad to worse in the eight months they have worked together on set. From arguments to insults, many are disappointed in the way things played out.

“Access Hollywood” reporter, Laura Saltman, recently offered her opinion on the situation.

Read Laura Saltman’s report on Nicki Minaj below:

“Despite the fact that most of the time Nicki actually does give good critiques, the show didn’t need Nicki,” wrote Saltman. “Randy Jackson on the left side. Mariah in the middle. Keith Urban on the right side. That’s a panel that would have worked. Randy and Mariah have a long standing relationship and Keith is so kind-hearted, there would have been a good chemistry set up between the three. If “The Voice” has taught us anything, its that reality competition shows have evolved. Cutting people down isn’t what audiences are connecting to anymore. Nicki’s special brand of snark may no longer fit in the world of reality TV mentors.”

Upon reading the article, a fan threatened to kill Laura Saltman. In the middle of a subliminal Twitter rant on Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj took time out to re-tweet the fan’s death threat to Saltman.

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