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Scott Storch reveals he is working with 2 Chainz

Scott StorchBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A few years ago, Scott Storch was the hottest producer in the game. Scott Storch ended up being brought into the biggest hip hop feud of the 21st century. Working with 50 Cent, Scott Storch provided the beats to many of his hits, but also worked with Fat Joe and Game, which meant nothing until Ja Rule enterted the mix. On many diss records, Scott Storch’s name is mentioned.

Scott Storch peaked in 2006 when he got engaged to Lil’ Kim. But, in the years since then, Scott Storch has been on an increasing decline. Last year, Scott Storch bottomed out when stories surfaced of him being broke. A mugshot of Scott Storch even surfaced online.

Typically, the darkest moment is the one right before things turn around. Scott Storch has been going strong since then. Recently speaking on his studio habits, Scott Storch said he was a studio junkie and he revealed he and 2 Chainz have been in the studio working on some new music.

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