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Hottie of the Week: Ms. Desire 101

Ms. DesireBy Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Stereotypes run prominent in life, it is a sad situation, but is true. Most males are viewed in various authority roles. However, most women are viewed as pushovers and this is especially the case for the beautiful women. Unfortunately, they catch it worse than them all, as many view them as overall dumb.

Most stereotypes are untrue and this happens to be the case where Ms. Desire 101 is concerned. A well-known figure in urban modeling and adult entertainment, Ms. Desire 101 has much more to her than what meets the eye. With several college degrees, she provides brains, beauty, and a killer body to boot.

Hip Hop Vibe had the fortune of talking with Ms. Desire 101, learning firsthand how sweet of a person she is. While she has accomplished a lot, Ms. Desire 101 remains very humble. Taking out time to allow the world into her life, Ms. Desire 101 explained how she got into entertainment and modeling and what keeps her going.

How did you end up in the entertainment business? I’ve been in entertainment since I was a teenager. I started doing Hawaiian Tropics bikini pageants. Then they had some opportunities to model for MetRX during that same time. I fell in love with the attention immediately.

When did you begin your career? I actually started at seventeen years old. However, education was still drilled in my head. I was also into music, which was a first love. I did a few live performances that allowed me confidence, but it wasn’t what I anticipated  So I worked a couple of full-time jobs and on off days, I would travel to all the major model-talent agencies; believe me or not, they ALL turned me away. I wasn’t tall enough or light enough (imagine that with my red ass). I’m from Southeast Ga,  so I always had thighs and hips. It wasn’t enough. I didn’t give up, clearly I’m standing tall today with my brand and name Ms. Desire 101.

What do you credit your success to? Definitely God for my determination and dedication. My family for supporting me. When I say family, I mean directly and non directly. When people find out how cool and down to earth even before the model/porn star title. I am grateful and truly blessed to have met, hung been associated with some great people who have allowed me to shine in some form. Lastly, My kids yo. They keep their mommy busy.

You majored in business in college, what types of business interest you? I did graduate a few times,  Bachelors-Human Resources concentration in Medicine. I, until recently, held a Medical Asst. certification.

When Ms. Desire is not working, what is she doing? I’m actually pretty boring. I like to hang with family. We use my house in the city Downtown Atlanta, as the “big momma” house. So bones, spades, biz wiz, trash talkin’, food, maybe some “dranky dranks,” and on Sundays, of course, Sunday Dinner.

Who are some of your favorite hip hop artists? Wow, Mary J. Blige, Yo-Yo, Lil Mo, R. Kelly, Aaliyah, Blaque, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Brandy, Monica, Nicki Manaj, and so many more. Music was a first love for me.

Can you name some interests you have that might surprise many? I really do enjoy doing what I do. Entertaining is a great part of my life and I will keep grinding harder and harder to be more successful. I have so many other things going on like my comedy show, “ACOD.”  It stands for “All Chicks One Dude.” We will be shooting some skits and improvs this end of May. I’m shooting a movie from the novel, Thugga, written by B.R. from GHG Films. I play the character of Tiffany, who is a good girl turned bad. (I was already bad, tryna be good).

What are some of the things you are working on as of now? I have named a few already, but my book Sex Counselor, I had terrible writers block. So, with me shooting movies, music videos, running my entertainment company, Phine Productions and juggling family, ugh something had to give. So, stay tuned, it’s still gonna be a hardback, not to mention, some people think I know a lot more people than I speak about. I very well do know and am affiliated with a lot of people, will I share our crossing paths? Maybe or maybe not. Stay on me.

What do you consider as some highlights of your career? Oh boy, meeting people and traveling. I’ve gotten to visit a lot of places in my life and seen a lot of people. Good things/people and some of the shit. I can truly say that, being a genuine, unbiased minority female, I have experienced a lot of opened doors despite the odds. I’m loved and respected by a lot of people in the game, the streets, the hoods, just the industry period!!!! I am honored, know that. Respect, Loyalty, Honor!

Where can fans find you online to connect? I am officially on every networking and social site. Twitter and Instagram is MsDesire101XXX , Facebook is TheRealMsDesire

See additional photos of Ms. Desire below:

Ms. Desire 2Ms. Desire 3

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