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Fredo Santana releases “Trappin’ Ain’t Dead” cover

Fredo Santana 2By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last year was when Chief Keef and the GBE team emerged and took over the rap game with their gritty street lyrics. Marked as the primary public enemy and a threat to the youth, GBE was met with major backlash. Not taken into account, however, is where they grew up and how they have lived.

Despite the way some may feel, GBE is a force in the game and each member is gaining their own dose of solo fame. Fredo Santana has been going quite a bit, in terms of releasing solo music. A breakout move for Fredo Santana was when he began working with veteran Santana, Juelz.

Now, Fredo Santana is working on his new street album, Trappin’ Ain’t Dead. With this project set to be released next month, on May 23, Fredo Santana is getting the world ready. Last week, the “Rob My Plug” music video was released and now Fredo Santana has released the cover for Trappin’ Ain’t Dead.

See the Trappin’ Ain’t Dead cover below:

Trappin Ain't Dead

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