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DJ Junior’s Artists to Know: Lil Mister

Lil MisterBy DJ Junior
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Because of what is displayed in the news, Chicago gets a bad rap. Not everything about the city of Chicago is bad, though. There is actually a lot of talent there, not just the ones who are getting all the hype. One Chicago rapper to pay attention to is Lil Mister, who is still going hard.

Last year, Lil Mister made a big impact on the game with his No Lackin mixtape. The project is hosted by Mixtape Monopoly and Cinematix affiliate, DJ Cortez. Lil Mister also had two singles to go viral with “Flying in my Lane” and “Take Off,” which features Diesel, and there are a lot more bangers on the project.

Going bronze on with No Lackin, Lil Mister is definitely having a major impact on the game. As he is putting more work in, just remember DJ Junior pointed him out first. If anyone, Lil Mister is definitely an artist to be on the lookout for and head back over to Hip Hop Vibe every Monday for more from Artists to Know.

Watch “Flying in my Lane” by Lil Mister below:

Watch “Take Off” by Lil Mister below:

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