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Phenomenal Radio’s Indie Spotlight: Big Shane

Big ShaneBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

People are finally beginning to take notice of the next generation of talent coming from the boot state that is Louisiana. Situated at the bottom of the map, Louisiana is best-known for such talents as Master P, Juvenile, and Lil Wayne. There are many more rappers to look out for and among them is Big Shane.

Definitely, more attention was given to Big Shane when he released his Bad Habits mixtape, which is hosted by Louisiana mixtape powerhouse, DJ 5150. The mixtape is full of quality songs and potential hits. There is definitely something to keep fans tuned in for when it comes to Big Shane.

Every week, Phenomenal Radio spotlights an artist and they also appear on Hip Hop Vibe over the weekend. A rising emcee in Louisiana, Big Shane hopes to continue his run and gain momentum well into the summer months. In the meantime, Big Shane can look back on his current accomplishments.

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