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Hip Hop’s Top Vacation Spots: Dominican Republic

Dominican RepublicBy Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

If Anguilla is not quite the taste, perhaps the Dominican Republic is. Of course some may not like it, but Drake has special appreciation for the DR. On several songs, Drake has shouted the Dominican Republic out, including Nicki Minaj’s “Moment 4 Life.” Back in 2009, Jay-Z and Beyonce celebrated his 40th birthday in the Dominican.

Future is credited for bringing the focus back to Atlanta’s hip hop scene. This only occurred due to his Scarface-themed single, “Tony Montana.” Drake was featured on the single and they went to the Dominican Republic to shoot the video. Keeping up with the theme of Scarface, Future and Drake shot several scenes while in the Dominican.

Just last month, Drake and Tahiry Jose went down to the Dominican Republic to take a break from the fast life. When the real hip hop moguls and superstars take breaks, they head to places like the Dominican Republic. Hip hop has deep appreciation for the Dominican Republic and there are even areas in Miami named after the nation.

Not only is the Dominican Republic a great place for the hip hop stars to relax, it is also a great place for work, as the nation has a large hip hop fan base. Many of the biggest stars in hip hop have gone to the Dominican Republic to perform, among them 50 Cent. There are plenty of activities, resorts, and restaurants for patrons to take in while they are down in the Dominican Republic.

With the weather in most of the United States not looking for feeling the way spring should, a trip to the Dominican Republic may be just what many need to shift their focus back to work. Drake actually went down to the Dominican Republic to get back to work. After his two year hiatus, Drake returned with “Started from the Bottom.” When Drake went down to the Dominican Republic, he shot scenes for the “Started from the Bottom” music video and he filmed his time in the Dominican Republic.

See photos of the Dominican Republic below:

Dominican Republic 2“I’m in the Dominican, Big Papi Ortiz” was enough to make the Dominican Republic known to the younger generation of hip hop fans and that comes courtesy of Drake. Long before he uttered those words, however, rappers have been performing in the Dominican Republic. Jay-Z graduated Miami and Los Angeles a long time ago and has been frequenting places like the Dominican Republic for over a decade. 50 Cent has been performing here for years. Lil Wayne also has fun in the Dominican Republic and his fun includes stealing golf carts.

Dominican Republic 3Dominican Republic 4Watch the Punta Canta, Dominican Republic promo below:

Watch Drake in the Dominican Republic below:

Watch Lil Wayne in the Dominican Republic below:

Watch the behind the scenes of “Tony Montana” by Future ft. Drake below:

Watch 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo perform in the Dominican Republic below:

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