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Melanie Fiona covers Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” [VIDEO]

Melanie FionaBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

By the time 2013 went into its second month, fans were wondering where Drake was at and what he was doing. After starting 2012 off strong and doing interviews about his third studio album, Drake did not pout out any new material. Instead, Drake did collaborations with the biggest rappers in the game, including Rick Ross.

Waiting long enough, Drake returned to the game on the second day of February and released his “Started from the Bottom” single. Immediately, Wiz Khalifa and Soulja Boy jumped on the track. The trend was started and everyone jumped on the bandwagon, freestyling over “Started from the Bottom.”

Singers have also gotten in on the action and Melanie Fiona is the latest singer to jump on the track. Since Melanie Fiona is also a Canadian artist, it could be possible that she be included on an official remix. On the business end, no one quite knows what will happen, but Melanie Fiona filmed herself remaking Drake’s hit.

Watch Melanie Fiona cover Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” below:

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