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A tentative track listing for Big Sean’s “Hall of Fame” leaked

Big SeanBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One of 2012’s most-anticipated albums ended up being delayed until 2013. Big Sean had an impressive rookie year and anticipated a strong follow-up. Indeed the setup was there, with Big Sean appearing on big tracks with Lil Wayne, G.O.O.D. Music, and Jay-Z, among others. But, the decision to drop Hall of Fame after Cruel Summer plagued Big Sean.

Planning out a big year, Big Sean wanted to release a high-profile mixtape ahead of his album, which he did. Detroit was the mixtape Big Sean released and it ended up being of higher quality than a significant number of albums. Putting so much into Detroit led to Big Sean ultimately deciding to delay his album until 2013.

Coming back out, Big Sean is warming things up. Still making his guest appearances, Big Sean is slowly shifting the attention back to his Hall of Fame album. Big Sean held a private listening session in London today and a tentative track listing from his new album was released to the public.

See the track listing below:

1. Fire
2. World Is Ablaze
3. Switcher (Ft. Common)
4. Untitled (Ft. Lil’ Wayne)
5. Fuck My Money Up (Ft. SAYITAINTTONE)
6. Milf (Ft. Juicy J)
7. Nothing Is Stopping You
8. First Chain (Ft. Nas & Kid Cudi)
9. Sierra Leone
10. Ashley
11. Untitled (Ft. Kanye West)
12. All Figured Out

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