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T.I. talks “Memories Back Then” sample with MTV News [VIDEO]

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By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Many of hip hop’s biggest media outlets were on set for T.I.’s shoot for his “Memories Back Then” single. Boasting a collaboration with MTV’s “Hottest MC in the Game,” Kendrick Lamar, and also B.o.B. and Kris Stephens, T.I. is wasting no time putting out the video for this song. Now, T.I. is letting the world know how the song came to be.

When T.I. returned in 2011, he had major plans to re-establish himself in the rap game, jumping on the hottest records. DJ Drama played a major part in putting T.I. on the right songs. However, DJ MLK was the essential piece in getting T.I. re-established on the streets, hosting his Fuck Da City Up mixtape.

MTV News also was present behind the scenes at the “Memories Back Then” video shoot where T.I. explained how the song came together. T.I. explained how DJ MLK actually gave him the beat of the song. However, it contained sample from Gotye that he could not get approved, so he worked around it.

Watch the entire interview below:

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