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Behind the Scenes: Tiffany Foxx on the set of MTV’s “RapFix Live”

Tiffany FoxxBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

St. Louis has brought a lot of stars to the hip hop industry. After being out of the spotlight for some time, St. Louis is coming back strongly with several veteran comebacks. There are also newcomers making themselves known, with Tiffany Foxx showing off a new side of St. Louis.

Tiffany Foxx has come into the game at a time when female rappers are re-emerging in the game. There are such names as Chole and Lola Monroe that are making major moves for female rappers. Recently, Tiffany Foxx has added her name to the list and she caught the attention of Lil’ Kim.

Added to Lil’ Kim’s Queen Bee roster, Tiffany Foxx is turning heads. Tiffany Foxx recently made her debut on MTV’s “RapFix Live.” Surrounded by Lil’ Kim, Talib Kweli, and Sway Calloway, Tiffany Foxx was in the presence of hip hop legends. Several photos from her time at MTV were released.

See photos of Tiffany Foxx at MTV’s “RapFix Live” below:

Tiffany Foxx MTVTiffany Foxx MTV 2Tiffany Foxx MTV 3Tiffany Foxx MTV 4Tiffany Foxx MTV 5Tiffany Foxx 6

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