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Meek Mill releases “Dreamchasers 3” track listing

Meek Mill 8By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Mixtape success was one of the main reasons Rick Ross added Meek Mill to Maybach Music, so when he joined the team, it was only fitting for more mixtapes to come. In 2011, the focus was more on Wale. Still, Meek Mill managed to steal the show with his mixtape, Dreamchasers.

After releasing Dreamchasers, Meek Mill began preparing his debut album. Before releasing his debut album, Meek Mill released Dreamchasers 2. The mitape boasted what would become Dreams and Nightmares‘ first single, “Amen,” with Drake. Meek Mill has not looked back since this point.

There has not been any talk on a Meek Mill sophomore album for 2013. However, this does not mean Meek Mill will not release new music. Early this year, Meek Mill announced Dreamchasers 3. The release of the mixtape is coming sooner, as opposed to later and Meek Mill released the track listing today.

See the track listing below:


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