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Juvenile set to star in gangster film, “The Power of a Few”

JuvenileBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One of the toughest cities in the United States is New Orleans. Often said is that if a person survives New Orleans, they can survive anywhere. In the rap game, there are many who defied the odds. Much of the attention has gone to Lil Wayne, but before him there was him, there was Juvenile and Master P.

Early on, his name said it all and Juvenile told the gritty street tales of New Orleans that practically forced Universal Records to offer Cash Money Records a deal. Juvenile is still regarded as one of the biggest rappers to ever hit the game. Recently, Juvenile has been in the midst of a comeback.

In addition to making new music and watching his son’s career blossom, Juvenile is jumping into an acting career. There is an upcoming film, The Power of a Few, which will have Juvenile playing the role of a gangster. The role is not much different from his life living in New Orleans.

Read Juvenile’s statement about The Power of a Few below:

“To be honest, when they said Christian Slater and Christopher Walken and Anthony Anderson — right there that’s three people that I really like.  I watch their movies. I watch Mobsters, I watch King of New York, I watch the movies that Anthony’s done with my fellow rapper DMX in the beginning. I’ve seen him do movies that I’ve loved a lot, like Barbershop.”

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