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Speedie Speed talks growing up and making music

Speedie Speed

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Few regions in the South have as much of a connection as Louisiana and North Carolina. A lot of this is due to military, but the connections cannot be denied. The New Orleans Hornets got their start in Charlotte. Future Hornets star, Chris Paul, was born and raised in North Carolina.

Countless people have traveled back and forth between Louisiana and North Carolina, including Speedie Speed. Currently located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Speedie Speed is label-mates with On the Rise alum, City City, with Hucks Entertainment. Speedie Speed is making a strong impact and his buzz is not limited to Louisiana and the Carolinas.

Hip Hop Vibe recently had the opportunity to talk to Speedie Speed. A native of New Orleans, Speedie Speed talked about the legends of the city. In addition to talking about the legends, Speedie Speed discussed the legacy he is making. Both Fayetteville and New Orleans have a rising star on their hands

Read the entire interview below:

Growing up in Louisiana, what inspired you the most about the Birdmans and the Master Ps? Birdman inspired me the most because he started a movement in the city with one of the hottest groups, and Master P was known for giving back to the community at that time and also setting the standards high for the city as far as independent record labels.

What do you feel Louisiana brought to hip hop that can never be replaced? Louisiana brought a lot to hip-hop but my city New Orleans was always known for Bounce Music, which a lot of rappers are trying to lean towards today. Louisiana has brought a lot of talent to hip-hop and the rap-game.

Was it seeing these guys right in your back yard make it big that inspired you to rap? Yeah, seeing these guys growing up in the projects and making a name for themselves really inspired me to go hard and do what I want, knowing no matter how hard things may be if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

In one word, what is the best way to describe your music? Poetry. When you hear the word poetry you know it’s something positive to your ears.

What type of influence has living in North Carolina had on you as a person and an artist? North Carolina has been a good and bad influence. I’ve experienced somethings here only in the Ville you would experience. At the same time I was able to get away from New Orleans and set a foundation and a platform for my life and music career.

Which place do you prefer, New Orleans or Fayetteville? I always prefer to be home where most of my family lives, but Fayetteville is more like a second home where you go to relax and get a piece of mind.

With that being said, are you a Hornets or Bobcats fan? I’m a big fan of the Hornets, no doubt.

What do you feel is the best quality from both of your hometowns? Best quality. Fayetteville has a lot of underground talent that, sooner or later, will get a chance to shine. New Orleans has a lot of talent, period, but it’s the law, cops, judges, lawyer, schools, etc. that separate the two.

How would you best describe the impact you’re having on the rap game, as a whole? The impact I’m having is focusing on taking over the underground and continuing to flood the internet.

When should the world be expecting some new material from Speedie Speed, as far as mixtape’s and albums? The world should be on the look out for my Fast Lyfe EP, coming this spring and my mixtape, LSU (Lance Speed University), sometime this winter. They can also expect the new Hucks Entertainment compilation, along with my group SMG, (SquadMusizGroup).

Where can fans find you on Facebook and Twitter? All my fans can contact me at (Speedie.Speed) on Facebook, (Speedie Speed) on ReverbNation, and (Speedie Speed) on Twitter.

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