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Preemo’s “In the Mix” Top Five Songs of the Week

Preemo 2By Preemo
Hip Hop Vibe Contributing Writer

This past week has been crazy, both in front of and behind the scenes. Now, fans of “In the Mix” can stream past episodes on Hip Hop Vibe at their leisure, the more outlets the better. In addition to “In the Mix” syndicating shows on Hip Hop Vibe, a weekly countdown will also be posted every Sunday.

Outside of “In the Mix” and Hip Hop Vibe, the mainstream world were glued to their screens watching Beyonce open up about her life with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy to Oprah. Of course, there is also the All-Star Game going on in Houston. To those who watched the dunk contest last night, what do you think about Terrence Ross?

But, in hip hop, the entire week was full of excitement as the post Grammys has set in and the year is in full swing. Several songs from some of the biggest names in hip hop were delivered this week. With so many coming out, it was hard to only choose five, but decisions had to be made and below listeners can check out “In the Mix’s” top five.

Listen to “In the Mix’s” Top Five Songs of the Week below:

50 Cent ft. Kendrick Lamar and Kidd Kidd – “We Up”

50 teams up with Kendrick Lamar and Kidd Kidd as they proceed to tell the world how they have elevated above the clouds on this clean cut “We Up”. Looks like 50 is ready to grab the throne back after a hiatus in the studio.

Just Blaze and Baauer – “Higher”

The Banger of the Year title might just see Baauer go head to head with himself! Fresh off the back of viral video frenzy creating “Harlem Shake,” Baauer lets off another Nuclear bomb in the club with help from Just Blaze.

This track begs to be turned up loud as Jay-Z exposes the collaboration early on in this one.

Nenna Yvonne – “The One”

Not one to blow my own horn but this needs to be played in any commercial environment as the catchy vocals from Nickleodeon and NBC songwriter Nenna Yvonne drive the thriving synths. Trust me expect more to come I’m in the lab working on the follow up right now!

Drake – “Started from the Bottom”

I think the title says it all on this record as Drake takes a look back to grinding his way to the top of the YMCMB roster.

Amplify Dot – “Get Down”

Wrapping it up from my Top 5 Tracks this week comes from over here in the United Kingdom, as London-based producer, ShowNProve, teams up with female emcee, Amplify Dot, on a record that will leave you so far down you forgot where up was!

Make sure to check back every Sunday as I deliver my Top Five Tracks EXCLUSIVELY to Hip Hop Vibe, from DJ Clue’s Desert Storm Radio, The UK’s DJ to trust OfficialPreemo

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