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Drake, French Montana, and DJ Clue partying in Houston

Drake French ClueBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

All eyes are on Houston, as the biggest night of the NBA until June is taking place tonight. Jay-Z, Drake, and countless other rappers have mentioned the connection shared between sports and hip hop. In rhymes, many rappers compare themselves to professional sports athletes.

With most of the biggest rappers being fans of the NBA, many of them are in Houston for the festivities. Local club owners have cashed in on the influx of celebrities, opening their doors to many of these stars. Each rapper and figure has roamed the Houston club scene.

However, last night, Drake, French Montana, DJ Clue, former Houston Rockets’ star point guard, Steve Francis, and many others piled into one club. Drake, French Montana, and DJ Clue found company within themselves. Having a great time, the trio paused for this photo op.

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