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HHV Exclusive: DJ 5X talks Coke Boys and joining Drumma Boy’s Drum Squad DJs

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HHV Exclusive: DJ 5X talks Coke Boys and joining Drumma Boy’s Drum Squad DJs

DJ 5XBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For those who are not familiar with DJ 5X, he prefers to remain anonymous. So, instead of an image, here is his official logo, which is on all of DJ 5X’s official profile pages. One of the most-connected DJs in the industry, DJ 5X continues to be one of the fastest-rising figures in hip hop.

Through his membership of Hunnafied Management, DJ 5X has connections with members of the Coke Boys. Both Coke Boy Brock and Droop Pop are Coke Boys which have strong ties to DJ 5X. In addition to being a part of Hunnafied Management, he is a member of Drumma Boy’s Drum Squad DJs.

Hip Hop Vibe recently had the opportunity to talk to DJ 5X and he connected the dots, meaning he explained his journey. Of course, DJ 5X did not begin his career in his current position. A lot of hard work and obvious determination led him to the success he is having.

Read the entire interview below:

Bouncing around so much, what made you choose being a DJ over being an emcee? I don’t think I chose to be a DJ over being an emcee. As I threw more parties, as a promoter, and I filled in for DJs on their breaks, it grew on me and made it an easy transition.

Who were some of the first people to help you get your material out there? My man Dra Mills and DJ Dub, those two really got me on the right path.

How were you able to take this buzz and then wind up doing mixtapes with major artists? It’s my hustle and my grind. I have a degree in marketing, so I just promoted myself the right way and one opportunity led to the next one. I also have a strong team behind me, I’m nothing without my team.

Can you tell us how your affiliation with the Coke Boys began? I’m affiliated with the Coke Boys by way of K-Dog, who is my manager. He’s also the manager of Droop Pop and Coke Boy Brock of the Coke Boys, which in turn made me their DJ.

How did you wind up working with Drumma Boy? To keep it 100 with you, I was getting at Drumma Boy for a while about a interview for my website and him hosting one of my mixtapes. He told me to contact his manager/right hand man, Squeeks, so I dropped ideas on him about forming a DJ squad. Months later, I got an email asking me to join the Drum Squad DJs.

Do you feel the Drum Squad DJs will be a good fit for you? Yes , The Drum Squad DJs is a growing brand, so any situation that surrounds me with a platinum producer like Drumma Boy is a win-win situation.

How were you able to take your brand international so quickly? Unlike others, I decided to go international first and build my rep with foreign countries and then win the States over. Building international contacts and relationships, to be honest I did more shows out there than in the States.

Located on the West Coast and working with Brick Squad, you work closely with Mack Drama? Mack Drama and I have a very close relationship that goes deeper then the rap game, he is the big homie and a mentor to me. Mack Drama gave me the opportunity to work with various Brick Squad artists.

What is it like working with someone as energetic as he is? It’s been a blessing to have the relationship Mack Drama and I have. Look at his grind and enthusiasm, it’s amazing. He’s very knowledgeable. I learned a lot of things from him.

Closely affiliated with so many crews and internationally known, who are some artists the world should be looking out for in 2013? Nuce da Lynchman, Cashout063 , Rome Dollarz, Chloe Crush from Slip-n-Slide Records, Chance, Coke Boy Brock, Droop Pop, and Compton’s Buck, along with any one from my movement RTMG (Royal Thieves Music Group).

For those who do not know, how can fans and potential business associates contact you? They can easily get at my assistant on Twitter, Aleesh Diior (@Aleesh_Dii0r), email any booking/mixtape info to [email protected] and you can also contact my manager K-Dog (@HunnafiedRecord).

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