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Hottie of the Week: Britany

Brittany RobinsonBy Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ultimately, everything that has happened was meant to. This includes life events and current locations. While everything is going to happen, the choice to take matters into one’s own hands is still there, and viable. In the case of Britany, she decided to move from a small North Carolina town, Henderson, to Jacksonville, North Carolina.

With much bigger cities enjoying a growing entertainment scene, Jacksonville, North Carolina is often overlooked. However, Jacksonville is a city home to a diverse range of talent. Plenty of talented rappers, actors, and producers reside in Jacksonville and now this is the location of this popular rising model, Britany.

Britany took matters into her own hands and has since become a popular figure in Jacksonville, which is leading to doors being opened for her. As Hip Hop Vibe’s latest Hottie of the Week, Britany talked about how she is taking her modeling career to the next level. In addition to discussing the next level, Britany also spoke on her background.

Read the entire interview below:

When did you begin modeling? I began modeling around the age of five. I modeled for professional modeling scouts out of Charlotte, NC.

What was behind the move to Jacksonville, NC? My move to Jacksonville was to make a new start and to get away from my small hometown.

Do you feel this move helped or hindered your growth as a model? I feel it has helped me in many ways, as far as my modeling, because I have met all new types of people.

Who are some of the people you have begun working with? Everyone here does something different. I have worked with up and coming producers, locally, JRoc Creations, and Tommy Penny Photography.

Would you classify yourself as more of a runway model or a vixen? I would personally classify myself as a vixen. I love being sexy.

So far, how much work have you done? I am starting out slow because I have two small children.

Do you have any upcoming gigs in the works? I have been submitting my photos to several publications.

What do you feel has been the peak of your career, so far? I currently shoot with Tommy Penny and we have an upcoming shoot.

How can fans connect with you online? Fans can follow my work on Facebook. Or follow me on Instagram @Queen_B101.

See additional photos of Britany below:

Brittany Robinson 2Brittany Robinson 3

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