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Gucci Mane attacks DJ in club for leaking new song

Gucci Mane 4By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In the South, Gucci Mane is known for being one of the biggest party rappers out. Along with the party music, Gucci Mane also is known for making unforgettable trap music. Outside of music, Gucci Mane has a reputation for getting into physical confrontations. Gucci Mane narrowly got out of his situation from January 2011.

There is no question about how serious artists take their music. If a song leaks before schedule, artists tend to be livid. Those close to the music industry call most artists “sensitive” and Gucci Mane fits the description. Currently, Gucci Mane is working on his Trap God 2: Spring Break Edition and there is new music soon to be released from the project.

Recently, Gucci Mane and company were clubbing when one of his yet-to-be released songs began playing in the club. With the song not scheduled to be released, Gucci Mane got angry and approached the DJ. Gucci Mane caught up with the DJ and beat him to a pulp, according to most rumors.

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