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Hottie of the Week: Drea Rose

Drea RoseBy Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

As frequently stated, in order to get something done, do not wait for anyone to complete this task, handle it solo. Once hip hop music received a proper outlet, rappers began making music videos. These videos went from being short clips to being full, cinematic, visuals that have featured many beautiful women.

Countless women have risen to fame through appearing in music videos. But, just as the game shifted into video vixens, it is shifting out. Women in this market have to be more creative and many are putting their own videos out. Drea Rose is among these video vixens putting her own videos out, with YouTube removing her hot “Stood Up” video.

Drea Rose has continued to work and is running her Dope Azz Heels custom shoe company, when she is not modeling. But, Drea Rose is watching her name increase in popularity, the more she works. Building this major fan base, Hip Hop Vibe reached out to Drea Rose to be our latest Hottie of the Week.

Read the entire interview below:

Who are some prominent females that inspire you? Females like Draya from “Basketball Wives,” Kimora Lee Simmons, Rihanna and Marilyn Monroe inspire me. Business minded and sexy.

How important do you feel it is to diversify your business interests? I feel that diversifying my business interests is very important. You always have to have a Plan B and C. So, just in case something doesn’t work in your favor, you can pick up the pieces and move on to the next project. You really cant lay all of your eggs in one basket. Balance is key.

Speaking of which, can you talk about your Dope Azz Heels company? Dope Azz Heels is a custom shoe label that I created a few years ago. I began creating custom shoes for a lot of “Bad Girls Club” members, Erica Mena from “Love & Hip Hop,” and also Diamond, the rapper. After seeing how much people enjoyed my creativity and work I continued and still continue to create exlusive custom shoes. I have many customers from Philly to LA. I never duplicate a shoe and I have never copied a shoe. It isn’t unique if its duplicated.

How successful would you say this has been for you? I have had a lot of success with designing shoes, not to say that the road was always easy because there have been many times were I wanted to give up and etc. But ,I could be giving up when I reach the point of actually being able to say I made it.

When you are not working, what are you doing? When I am not working what am I doing. Honestly, these last past three weeks I haven’t had free time. I was in Atlanta one weekend shooting with 2020 Photography, came back that week and did a video shoot to introduce me as a model, and now I’m working on shoes every day. Idle time is dangerous when there are thousands of people attempting to do what I do so I cant just ever sit around. I’m always busy and I’m always working.

Can you talk about the reaction to your “Stood Up” video? I love the “Stood Up” video. I love the way it’s put together and I love
that it isn’t overly sexy. Now people want to know who Drea Rose is.

Do you have any additional videos in the works? Yes. I’m working on shooting another video early February.

Will you be starring in any music videos? I have had a few offers to be in videos in Milwaukee for local rappers and a few local rappers in Chicago. I’m working on being in bigger videos in Atlanta, Miami, New York City and California.

Where can people find more of your work? My Twitter and Instagram name is @IDespiseAndrea model site and shoe site coming soon.

See additional photos of Drea Rose below:

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Watch “Stood Up” by Draya Rose below:

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