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HHV Exclusive: HAYZE-L talks “Angel of Destruction 3,” working with Wu-Tang, and more

Hayze-LBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Doors have been opened up for artists of all genres and from all areas where there is an internet connection. It has becoming easier than ever for rappers to emerge as stars. But, the traditional method still works. HAYZE-L is a native of New Jersey and her music picked up steam, traveling north into New York City, where she wound up working with Ghostface Killah.

Earlier in his career, Ghostface Killah took his career into his own hands and launched his own record label, Starks Enterprises. HAYZE-L is among the artists signed to Starks Enterprises and she has watched her buzz pick up. Under the label, HAYZE-L has turned her Angel of Destruction mixtape series into a must-have.

HAYZE-L is set to release her Angel of Destruction 3 mixtape exclusively through Hip Hop Vibe and she spoke to us about her upcoming project. DJ Symphony will serve as the host of this new mixtape, which is due next week. During the interview, HAYZE-E explained how she got into the position she currently holds.

Read the entire interview below:

Did you find music to be an emotional outlet, when you first started? Yes, as soon as I started writing and making music- I realized that was my talent and once I began writing and rapping, it was like my drug. I write when im mad, sad, angry , happy. etct-

What does your music mean to you now? Before I met Ghostface, my music was just an outlet for my emotions. But after meeting him, three years later, my vision of music has changed. He has taught me that I can not only express emotions through music, but I can also influence and teach, so now my music is more of a study guide for underground and unsigned artist. I had a chance to see music from both angles, before and after I met Ghostface, so now I feel I have the opportunity to use the people I know and make music to change the world.

As a female rapper, how do you avoid the stereotypical comparison to Nicki Minaj? Great question, although I hate it (laughs). Firstly , I want to say that I will NEVER be able to avoid the comparison. I’m a light skinned, female, rapper that is apart of a team with a bunch of guys. BUT, I can say this, my style of rap is different, my clothing style is different and I feel my “intentions” to influence are different, meaning there is only one me. It’s not in my character to be somebody else, or something that I am not. I honestly do not listen to any other female artist on my iPod or CD player, because I want to remain neutral and be my own person.

Can you talk about your Angel of Destruction mixtape series? The Angel Of Destruction mixtape series is a five part mixtape series for which the first two parts are already out. The third edition will be dropping January 31, 2013, while part four and part five will be released sometime this year. The concept behind this series, is and introduction to HAYZE-L. Instead of coming out with straight mixtapes and songs of original beats, we got creative and each mixtape consists of the hottest industry beats that are out right now. This has actually started the buzz for HAYZE-L and I feel it it always important to have as much music out as possible. Once I finish my five part series, I will be releasing other mixtapes with original beats as well as an album.

What has it been like working with DJ Symphony? DJ Symphony is the best DJ in the world. Honestly, he has done so much for me since I met him. I remember meeting him on the first tour, and thinking “this guy is super smart, but very sarcastic” And he also has some New Jersey background in him, so we clicked automatically. But, I honestly could say, I love working with him. He has helped me in every way possible, from mixtape covers, promotion, and pure motivation.

How did you wind up becoming the protege of Ghostface Killah? I met Ghostface Killah, in Atlantic City at a club. I actually just walked up to him and asked him could I rap for him, and his reply was “NO, RAP TO MY NIGGAS FIRST, THEN YOU CAN RAP FOR ME.” Being that I am a Taurus, and he is a Taurus (our birthdays are five days apart), I took the challenge, I ended up rapping for his ten man crew. When I finally got to him, I had no voice, but I rapped my heart away. He told me to stop and I walked away. Ten minutes later, his security said that he wanted to speak with me again. We ended up exchanging information, he set me up with a manager the next day, and it has been history ever since then! He is like a father/mentor to me and I love him very much.

Were you a fan of Wu-Tang growing up? Honestly, no. I liked a couple songs here and there, but I would be lying if i said I was a fan. I knew the popular songs, but I feel bad when actual Wu fans ask me about a song and I’m like “uh no” (laughs). But, I do love their music and now that I am involved with them, I know a lot of their music now. I was born in 1988, so I’m still a baby in their eyes (laughs).

What is it like to work with these people now? Honestly, working with Ghost, Symphony, and hanging out with other members of the Wu-Tang and D-Block (Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch) is AWESOME! Sometimes, I still get those butterflies, but it all goes away when I realize that they are just normal people like you and me.

You have also worked with Young Dirty Bastard, the son of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, how is he comparable to his father? Honestly, YDB would hate for me to say this, but he looks just like his father. His swag is like 60% ODB- and 40% his own. But, he is like the new 2013 ODB, very funny and animated. I actually love working with him, we often fight like brother and sister, but that is only because we have a strong love for each other and a huge passion for music.

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