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HHV Exclusive: Major D-Star talks “Young and Famous” mixtape, Brick Sqaud, and more

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HHV Exclusive: Major D-Star talks “Young and Famous” mixtape, Brick Sqaud, and more

Major D-StarBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The South has spread wings and breathed new life into the industry. One company responsible for this growth is 1017 Brick Squad. Brick Squad has members from all over the country. Los Angeles and New York City have Brick Squad members, as does Detroit, the home of Major D-Star.

Major D-Star is a protege of Mack Drama and is related to the late Slim Dunkin and C-Murder. Toward the end of last year, Major D-Star teamed up with Yella Fuckem for their joint mixtape, Young and Famous. The mixtape is full of hits and Major D-Star is one of the biggest artists on the mixtape scene.

Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to speak with Major D-Star and he spoke on a number of the projects he has in the works. The Detroit emcee spoke on his Young and Famous mixtape, his relationship with Mack Drama and Brick Squad, and also his upcoming mixtape with DJ YRS Jerzy. Major D-Star spoke on several topics.

Read the entire interview below:

How did the Young and Famous mixtape come together? The Young and Famous mixtape came from one of my past managers, which is how me and Yella Fuckem teamed up. We immediately clicked, we are both young, so we came together and did tracks together. The tracks came together so well, we decided to do a mixtape together. With both of us having a strong buzz in Miami, we decided to do it and it was successful.

Are you pleased with the results of the mixtape so far? Oh yeah. We feel like we are getting a good buzz off the mixtape. It dropped it on Thanksgiving day and now we are working on the music videos. Every song off the mixtape will have a music videos, and everything has gone great so far. These mixtapes are going to be everywhere, even MTV, so we want maximum exposure for this new mixtape.

How long have you been with Brick Squad? I have been with Brick Squad since the end of June, officially, but I have always been a member of Brick Squad because of my cousin, Slim Dunkin.

What are some of your fondest memories with Slim Dunkin? Man, everything, that’s my cousin. He motivates me every day and I keep going forward, never looking back. Slim Dunkin was one of the realest people I know. Dunk helped me stay focused and do the right thing. Sure, he would act silly and be the wild guy, but he was my cousin and that is how he was.

You are also related to C-Murder, correct? Right. But, this is not the C-Murder from No Limit. This guy is a part of another rap group, but he was not an actual rapper. C-Murder actually passed away a month before Slim Dunkin.

How long have you been working with Mack Drama? I have been working with Mack Drama since early 2011. We met through the Brick Squad family. Ever since then, we have been working. Before that, Mack Drama and I always talked, but we started doing business in early 2011. Mack Drama said the same thing Dunk told me “whenever you’re ready.” Slim Dunkin wanted me to be the next big thing and when he passed away, I felt like it was the right time for me to do this to keep the Dirt Gang name alive. So, it has been two years that I have known Mack.

Can you talk about your upcoming mixtape with DJ YRS Jerzy? Okay. Me and DJ YRS Jerzy are working on Jerzy’s Evolution, his mixtape series. It is going to be cold, we have some big features on it, but I cannot reveal those yet. There will be a lot of big features and producers on the mixtape. I will have six songs on there and it will feature a few Brick Squad Mafia artists and it will definitely be released through Hip Hop Vibe.

Going back a little, can you talk about the Dirt Gang movement? The Dirt Gang movement is a music group just like all these other crews out there. This is a family thing and it has people in it like myself, C-Bo, PayDay, Lucci, and many more. The crew is filled with people Slim Dunkin met when he moved to Atlanta. This is a family, but it is also about the music and the label is a branch off Brick Squad Monopoly. But, I also have my own label, First Flight Entertainment that consists of myself, Jay West, and a female rapper Jhyce Luvvit.

What other projects do you have in the works? I have my solo project, called I’m So Major 2 with DJ 5150 and will feature Slim Dunkin. I am hosting a mixtape with DJ Joey D and DJ Stacks called Star Status. Other than that, I am also working on a Brick Squad mixtape with Mike Awesome. The new projects are coming throughout the year and I will release them one-by-one.

Online, how can fans find you? Twitter is @MAJORDSTAR, Instagram @MAJORDSTAR, on Facebook, search “Major D Star.”

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