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Gucci Mane talks “Spring Breakers” with XXL

Gucci Mane 2By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Becoming much bigger than music, MTV is dedicated to the overall pop culture scene, as it currently stands. This past Thursday, MTV premiered the trailer of the Spring Breakers film. In the trailer, the world sees James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and surprisingly Gucci Mane.

James Franco has become one of the biggest names in film, starring in several films and even appearing in several storylines on ABC’s “General Hospital.” Now, James Franco will be sharing scenes with Gucci Mane. For the Atlanta rapper, this is a big move, as he has completely defied the odds.

Gucci Mane recently spoke to XXL about his role in Spring Breakers. During his interview, Gucci Mane announced his Trap God 2 mixtape would be dedicated to spring break in celebration of his movie role. Mariah Carey helped Gucci Mane land the role, as he met the producer at the “Obsessed” video shoot.

In the film, Gucci Mane will be sharing a lot of scenes with James Franco. Gucci Mane said he plays the role of a villain who taught the character played by James Franco, ‘Alien,’ everything he knows. Describing his work with James Franco as “mind-blowing,” Gucci Mane said the fans should expect to see them working together on more projects. In the meantime, expect to see and hear much more from Gucci Mane over the next couple of months.

Watch the Spring Breakers trailer below:

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