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DJ Khaled releases trailer for upcoming album, “Suffering from Success” [VIDEO]

Suffering From SuccessBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When Rick Ross opened 2013, he released the trailer for Mastermind, officially announcing his sixth studio album. With Rick Ross’ album being announced, as he does every January, fans wondered where DJ Khaled was. Each January, DJ Khaled also announces his albums and releases songs targeting the summer.

DJ Khaled waited a couple of weeks, but he has made his annual January announcement, also releasing a trailer. The name of the next album from DJ Khaled is called Suffering from Success. Expect the usual suspects to be featured on the album and his album will come in 2013, along with Ace Hood’s Trials & Tribulations.

Earlier today, DJ Khaled revealed his next album will be called Suffering from Success. With the album announcement came DJ Khaled releasing the official trailer for the new project. Currently, there is no set release date, but the album will be DJ Khaled’s fourth release with Cash Money Records.

Watch DJ Khaled’s Suffering from Success trailer below:

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