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Gonzoe ends Twitter beef with Game

GonzoeBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2012, Game got caught up in several beefs. Set for life in his beef with 50 Cent, Game wound up going at many other artists. Coming into 2012, Game had beef with issues with fellow Los Angeles rapper, Ice Burgandy. Game got into a fight with 2Eleven at a birthday bash for Lil Wayne and went after Shyne for Kendrick Lamar.

Opening up the year of 2013, Game got into a Twitter beef with Gonzoe. The two rappers began exchanging disrespectful tweets. Gonzoe felt Game dissed him on “Heaven’s Arm” on the Jesus Piece album. Via Twitter, Gonzoe said he would release a Game diss mixtape.

Earlier today, however, Gonzoe spoke on his ongoing beef with Game. Unlike the other situations Game has gotten into, this one appears to be over. Recently, Gonzoe revealed his feud with Game was nothing more than a misunderstanding. Now, Gonzoe has told fans to not expect that diss tape after all, as the feud is over.

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