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Raekwon releases “Lost Jewelry” artwork

Lost JewelryBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Next month, Raekwon will return with his latest project, Lost Jewelry. Raekwon ended up being relatively silent in 2012. This comes in spite of Raekwon getting off to a quick start, releasing Unexpected Victory. Following his mixtape release, Raekwon ended up going on tour in Canada.

Focusing on his Ice H20 label, Raekwon placed extended focus on Canada. Considering the city of Toronto a second home, Raekwon decided to build there. JD Era soon signed to Ice H20, becoming the latest Toronto rapper to get signed. However, JD Era has since been relatively silent, also.

Early in 2012, expect much noise from the Ice H20 camp. Raekwon will kick things off with the Lost Jewelry EP. Doing what he did not do in 2012, Raekwon plans to release a new album. Raekwon last released an album in 2011 with Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, which was a critical success.

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