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Cassidy targets Meek Mill in “Me, Myself, & iPhone” diss

Me, Myself & iPhoneBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The story can be spun however anyone cares to, but the fact of the matter is Meek Mill put Philadelphia hip hop back into the spotlight. Since the late 1980s, Philadelphia has delivered talent, some of hip hop’s biggest stars, but by the 2010s, the scene was virtually nonexistent. However, Meek Mill changed this for everyone.

Meek Mill getting signed by Rick Ross’ Maybach Music and immediately rising to superstar status renewed interest in Philadelphia. Tone Trump enjoyed a growing buzz and Young Jeezy soon signed him to Corporate Thugz Ent. Since those signings, even the veterans are back in the spotlight, including Cassidy.

Cassidy and Meek Mill have gotten into several Twitter beefs. From the outside looking in, it seems Cassidy is trying to get back in through Meek Mill. There is no direct determination, but Cassidy is now going at Meek Mill. The first official diss record has come in the form of “Me, Myself, & iPhone.”

Listen to “Me, Myself, &iPhone” by Cassidy below:

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