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Game displays text message from Dr. Dre co-signing “Jesus Piece”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The relationship between Game and Dr. Dre has evolved over time. Seeing a bit of himself in Game, Dr. Dre added him to Aftermath Entertainment. Once his relationship with 50 Cent floundered, Dr. Dre was forced to choose. Siding with 50 Cent, Dr. Dre wound up severing ties with Game, spending four years apart.

In 2009, Game reunited with Dr. Dre and there has been new energy surrounding Los Angeles hip hop ever since. Game collaborated with Kendrick Lamar, who also ended up working with Dr. Dre, now signed to Aftermath. Meanwhile, Game has been working on his fifth album, Jesus Piece, which is due next week.

While Game is reunited with Dr. Dre and is back recording with the main branch of Interscope Records, he has had little involvement with Dr. Dre. Showing the world he still is on good terms with Dr. Dre, Game released a text message from his mentor figure. In the text, Dr. Dre proved to be a fan of Jesus Piece.

See Dr. Dre’s text to Game below:

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