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Dee-1 breaks down “You Stupid Fool” with The Source [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer 

School teacher-turned-rapper, Dee-1, has become one of 2012’s biggest breakout artists, alongside Ca$h Out, Chief Keef, and others. Hailing from New Orleans, the fan reaction toward Dee-1 has been strong. Due to his affiliation with Mannie Fresh, high expectations have been placed upon his shoulders.

A little over a month ago, Dee-1 caught the attention of the rap game with his boldly-titled single, “You Stupid Fool.” The title, alone, will catch the attention of most, as it is an oxymoron describing a, well, moron. Meant to catch the attention of the rap game, Dee-1’s mission succeeded.

Dee-1 recently visited New York City and he stopped by the offices of The Source and spoke with them. First, Dee-1 spoke on being from New Orleans and his rap style compared to his background. While sitting down with The Source, Dee-1 also explained his “You Stupid Fool” single.

Watch the entire interview below:

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