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Raekwon reveals new EP title via Twitter

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer 

On the strength of his Unexpected Victory mixtape, Raekwon was one of the biggest artists during the early stages of 2012. Raekwon made a huge impact and he introduced the hip hop world to JD Era. Handling more business in Canada, Raekwon found an artist he was found of there in JD Era.

Raekwon has managed to keep himself relevant during the months after his mixtape was released. Between singles and then interviews, Raekwon remains one of 2012’s more-discussed topics. Hardcore fans, however, have been demanding more Raekwon and he heard these pleas.

Promising to give fans something, via Twitter, Raekwon alerted his followers that he had a new EP in the works. Without going in detail and revealing a projected date of release, Raekwon announced Lost Jewelry. Independent releases have served many of the biggest artists well this year, though Raekwon’s latest may not come until 2013.

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