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Behind the Scenes: Somaya Reece’s “Descontrol” music video [VIDEO]

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Her claim to fame is being a video vixen, but Somaya Reece has also branched out into music and television. Somaya Reece now has a role on the popular VH1 franchise, “Love & Hip Hop,” and is constantly working on new music. The latest single with Somaya Reece featured is called “Descontrol.”

During the hiatus from the series, Somaya Reece unveiled her new body, as she had a breast reduction. While the new look may have been an initial disappointment to her male audience, Reece feels much better. With a literal weight taken off her chest, Somaya Reece has a new level of confidence, which is obvious.

Somaya Reece took no breaks, working on a new music video when everyone else was taking their Thanksgiving break. “Descontrol” has gotten popular over the past few weeks and the visuals are now being prepared for release. Over the weekend, Somaya Reece released the behind the scenes clip to the video.

Watch the entire video below:

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