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Hottie of the Week: Taryn

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Technology has made the world much smaller and much faster. Connecting is the easiest it has ever been and many traditions have fallen to the wayside. For the time being, however, most of the world still recognizes national holidays and times to take breaks. Throughout much of each year, everyone is on the go, but Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends.

Phones and laptops may still be running, but for recreational purposes only. Still, the focal point will remain on fellowship. While everyone is celebrating and reviewing what they are thankful for this year, Hip Hop Vibe has a treat in store. Taryn is an up-and-coming model, who is originally from Detroit, but born in Jacksonville, Florida.

In addition to modeling, Taryn was enrolled in community college and studied graphic design. All of her life, Taryn has loved art of all forms. This love of art shaped her budding career. During her interview with Hip Hop Vibe, Hottie of the Week Taryn would discuss this and much more.

Read the entire interview below:

What do you feel you have to offer that is different from these other models? What I have to offer that is different from other models is when I model, I model from my heart and soul. I always put my all into it as well as my energy. I am totally dedicated to my profession.

Since you attend a community college, how important do you feel a back-up plan is? I feel having a back-up plan is very important. I have to be prepared incase my career choice does not work out as planned. 

So far, what have you been doing to get yourself out there? I have been promoting myself every chance I could and I am being featured on modeling sites and in magazines.

Where are you currently located? Atlanta, GA.

How did you catch the attention of Hood Rep? Online advertisements.

Do you feel as if your career is doing well? I feel that my career has a nice start.  But I am persistent to push harder and achieve success in this career choice.

In what way would you best describe your ups and downs in the industry? My downs would be working with a group of people that are not on the same page, as well as being forced to deal with some people who are hard to work with. My ups would be working with a group people that have confidence in me and see my worth as well as I do.

Going forward, what are your plans? My plans are to keep grinding and promoting myself more and booking more events and projects and become as successful as I can in this industry.

See additional photos of Taryn below:

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