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Chox-Mak and J’Mel launch Gunna Lifestyle clothing line

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Two of the biggest mixtape artists of 2012 have been Chox-Mak and J’Mel. A mutual respect and admiration of music led to a bond between the two rappers. Future collaborations are definitely in the works for the two rappers. But, in addition to working together on music, the two are planning on going into business together.

Chox-Mak is currently preparing to release his Death by Design mixtape with DJ YRS Jerzy, meanwhile J’Mel is fresh off his The Fix Up mixtape with DJ YRS Jerzy. Working with the same DJ led to much more for the two rappers. Despite two backgrounds, North Carolina and New York, the two have managed to put together a major project.

Arguably bigger than any song or joint project is a business venture. Chox-Mak and J’Mel have come together for a project that should last them for some time. Following the blueprint laid by moguls such as Jay-Z, Chox-Mak and J-Mel have come together for a new t-shirt line. The two are naming their new venture, Gunna Lifestyle.

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