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J. Cole releases artwork for “Miss America” single

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Anticipation for J. Cole was high when he finally released his debut album. J. Cole managed to live up to the hype and he promised fans he would release a new album every year. Probably due to his late 2011 album release, J. Cole did not release an album in 2012 and has no plans of doing so. But, in January 2013, J. Cole will.

The trailer for J. Cole’s new album came in the form of the “Miss America” trailer. It is likely that “Miss America” will be the first single from J. Cole’s upcoming album. As it currently stands, J. Cole plans to release his next album on January 23. With the first single as “Miss America,” J. Cole is starting the promotional run.

With the trailer already out, and doing well, J. Cole is now preparing to introduce the world to his new music. J. Cole has “Miss America” as the first single off the album and, before the music comes, J. Cole has released the official artwork for the single.

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