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Hottie of the Week: Elisa J.

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Elisa J.

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Reasons why people do what they do are never fully explained. Sometimes people are simply born into their profession. Others may have jumped out, with faith leading the way, doing what they feel “called” to do. Meanwhile, there are some who have tried several things and their field was either comfortable or easier for them. For Elisa J., she has always had an interest in modeling.

Elisa J. caught the attention of Mack Drama, one of the executives of 1017 Brick Squad. After catching the attention of Mack Drama, Elisa J. became a part of his Eye Candy movement, which has helped to build her career. Before linking up with Mack Drama, Elisa J. attended school at John Casablanca.

In the world of entertainment, Elisa J. is making a name for herself. Elisa J. recently appreared in a music video from Vee. Over this period of time, Elisa J. is making a major name for herself. Among the sea of ladies who are calling themselves models, Elisa J. is truly living up to the name of both model and vixen. Check her out, as Elisa J is the latest Hip Hop Vibe Hottie of the Week.

Read the entire interview below:

Being a fan of fashion, what led you to do modeling, over being on the business end? I was always being told I’m gorgeous and beautiful and that I should get into modeling. Being a fan of fashion, I figured why not give it a try and step into that world. With formal training at John Casablanca, it definitely prepared me, not only with keeping my self-esteem up, but also with modeling and acting techniques, as well as with the business end of it. Plus I love the glamor, camera lights, and also doing business with Mack Drama I get to meet celebrities and collaborate all the time, it is addicting.

Were you intimidated when you first began modeling? I was a little intimidated at first. Seeing that there are many beautiful people that I go up against, but over the years, I have learned if you hold your head high while staying humble and patient you’ll get what you want.

Can you talk about your time at John Casablanca? John Casablanca was a great program to get into, because I received critical training and guidance in the fashion and entertainment business. They gave me the confidence that I have now to make the right decisions in choosing real profressionals to work with.

How did you wind up meeting Mack Drama? Mack and I first met at a Rich Boy concert at Club Red. I was looking extra fancy that night, when Mack approached me. The first thing he said was “Will you marry me?” (laughs) then he went into business mode and got down to work. Ever since then, I have been an Eye Candy National model for Brick Squad Mafia. I have to say he is one of the best and hardest working managers I have ever had.

What is it like being an Eye Candy national model? Being an Eye Candy National model has many perks, I love being in the lime light, cameras flashing and meeting major celebs. VIP all day!

Can you explain a little bit about the charity you are working on? My charity I am working on supports Ovarian cancer. I, myself, am a recent survivor and have overcome the obstacles that the illness presented. My charity is raising awareness all over by making women follow up with their physicians for their yearly check up. I can only hope it goes national to help cure this silent killer.

Starting out, what did you envision for your modeling career? Starting out, I envisioned myself doing local events and modeling for local photographers. Now I envision something bigger. Walking the red carpet, landing my first major cover and working with the major top paid celebs or modeling the lastest fashion for Marc Jacobs, Gucci,Versacace, and the list goes on. I would love to learn from the best, Mack of course being the first that I have learned from. So far, I’m on my way up and have networked with several top people in the entertainment business. I plan to leave my mark and touch many lives.

You already appeared in one of Vee’s videos, will you be appearing in more in the near future? Yes. I will be appearing in more videos with Vee.

See additonal photos below:

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