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Album Review: Kendrick Lamar – “good kid, m.A.A.d. city”

By Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A lot of discussion has surrounded Kendrick Lamar and his debut album, before and after the release. Taking all of the commentary and placing it on the backburner, good kid, m.A.A.d. city was a proper introduction for someone who was indeed what the album’s title reads.

Kendrick Lamar hails from Los Angeles, in one of the toughest neighborhoods, Compton. The city of Compton has produced the likes of Ice Cube and Game, along with many other “gangsta” rappers. Simply based off the location, it is expected for every artist from this area to be “gangsta.”

However, honesty is still accepted in the rap game and Kendrick Lamar delivered this on his album. The album is ultimate journey into manhood, as Kendrick Lamar spits about everything from peer pressure, fantasizing about girls, sex, and the gang life. In each topic, Kendrick Lamar easily navigates through each topic, telling his story.

While Kendrick Lamar successfully portrays himself as a non violent street kid, he was able to pay homage. Standout tracks on the album come in the form of his anthem, “Compton,” with Dr. Dre and “m.A.A.d. city” with MC Eiht. Kendrick Lamar was able to have the veteran influence on his album and still have room for Drake and Jay Rock, the latter of which is his Top Dawg label-mate. good kid, m.A.A.d. city may not be considered a classic by all, but is definitely one of the year’s better albums and a perfect start for a future legend.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Rating: 7/10

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