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Murda Mook talks Serius Jones rap battle [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

On the New York City battle scene, Murda Mook is becoming one of the biggest names. Since battling with Loaded Lux a few weeks ago, Murda Mook has returned to headlines. Several media outlets, namely Vlad TV have been speaking with Murda Mook since he battled Loaded Lux. Despite being viewed as the loser in the battle, Murda Mook has used the opportunity to remind the world who he is.

The remaining fact is that Murda Mook is one of the top battle rappers, period. There have been many aspiring artists who have offered their opinions on Murda Mook. A significant number of these people have said they want to battle Murda Mook. In response to these people, Murda Mook said he is willing to battle them, if the price is right.

Battle rapping has once again become headline news, as Loaded Lux’s battle with Calicoe also drew a large audience. DTP’s New Jersey artist, Serius Jones, also grabbed the attention of the hip hop community when he battled Charlie Clips at Summer Madness 2. Murda Mook spoke on their battle, calling it “crap.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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