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Hottie of the Week: Ari Nicole

Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Ari Nicole

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A native of New Jersey, Ari Nicole has been modeling for quite a while. Ari Nicole has dedicated the past four years of her life to modelings. During this period of time, Ari Nicole found success doing photo shoots, as she is buidling her portfolio. Due to her unique look, things are looking up for Ari Nicole, as she continues to pursue her dream as a model.

Ari Nicole overcame a bit of a rough childhood, being teased for being different. It turned out to be a positive for Ari Nicole, as it inspired her to become a model. Now, Ari Nicole is benefiting from being different, as it is what her fans love. While she still has some insecurities, Ari Nicole has found a way to get past it and has become very outspoken.

Making a name for herself as an up-and-coming model, Hip Hop Vibe spoke to Ari Nicole, as she was the Hottie of the Week this week. Ari Nicole quickly opened up about her time in school and how she has coped with being different. Now embracing her uniqueness, Ari Nicole would speak on various topics during her interview.

Read the entire interview below:

What inspired you to begin modeling? Honestly, it was a confidence thing for me. I needed something to help me come out of my shell, I was never confident in my looks.

How much has your confidence boosted since you began modeling? (Laughs). It started off a little slow, because you need a bit of confidence before you even begin doing photo shoots. But, since I began modeling, it has boosted a lot. Growing up, I wanted to be considered pretty. Now, my confidence is much higher.

Why did you not consider yourself pretty before? When I was younger, I used to get teased a lot. I went to a predominantly white school and they did not understand why I had a big butt and why I was developing faster. Being one of the only black girls at the school and watching everyone pay attention to the other girls, and then there was just me.

Have you considered counseling girls going through this same situation? I actually have, I put a lot of thought into. I am sure every girl growing up has some sort of feeling like this. The modeling industry is so hard on the ladies for not fitting their image of perfect. I want to show these girls there is nothing wrong with the way they are, because they are beautiful.

How have you dealt with the pressure of being a model? It’s overwhelming, honestly. At first, I did not deal with it very well. This is a very demaning industry, you have so much to know and do. The pressure has definitely taken a toll on me, as I have to make sure I am ready for everything thrown at me.

When things get difficult, how do you find comfort? The end result brings me comfort. When I see what all the stress and pressure led to, I then see it was all worth it. Looking at the pictures and seeing myself looking beautiful is comfort enough, it all pays off. At the end, this is what brings me the most comfort.

Are there any famous models you look up to? I know this will sound cliche, but I look up to Tyra Banks. She didn’t try to change her appearance, she had the curves and she made them popular. Tyra Banks was bold and she helps other models be comfortable with themselves. Of course, she has models change their look on her show, but she never, physically, makes people change. Comparable to me, Tyra Banks was teased in school.

Will you follow in Tyra’s footsteps and go into acting? (Laughs). I would, that is one thing that made me happy in school. Back in high school, I used to be in all the plays. Even right now, I am getting head shots ready to begin acting in theater to get my name out there. Acting is something I am definitely interested in doing.

What have you learned from modeling? I have learned how to accept my self. Looking at myself in the mirror and accepting my flows, while still seeing myself as beautiful. Through modeling, I have learned beauty is much more than a physical thing. Through the camera lens, people want to see much more and I am learning how to appeal to the masses.

Where can readers find out more about you online? Well, I have a Model Mayhem account, Melanie Foxx. I have my bio on Model Mayhem and I am currently working on my website. When it launches, the people will have a chance to really get to know me. I am on Twitter @aridotnicole and on I am very vocal on both my Facebook and Twitter, I use them to tell my story. I’m out there, come find me.

See additional photos of Ari Nicole below:

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