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Hottie of the Week: Mz. Heaven

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Beauty is a blessing that only a select few naturally gain. Mz. Heaven is obviously one of those in this select few. Unless she were to tell you, many would not know she is the mother of four children. While embracing the sexiness she embodies, Mz. Heaven has boundaries, looking out for her little ones.

Confident in her own looks, Mz. Heaven remains humble as she continues to work toward accomplishing her goals. Appearing in fashion shows made Mz. Heaven popular in her current city, Detroit. Mz. Heaven was soon tapped for music videos and album covers by many local rappers.

While she is on to a higher plain, Mz. Heaven has not forgotten where she came from. With so much in the works and a distinctive look, Mz. Heaven is Hip Hop Vibe’s latest Hottie of the Week. During our interview, Mz. Heaven would discuss her modeling career, the people who provide her with support, and what inspires her to keep things going.

Read the entire interview below:

Since you began modeling, what have you enjoyed the most? The fact that I have begun fulfilling my childhood dreams.

How would you rate your sexy? I’ve always been told I was a ten, but I say nine, because I do have flaws like anybody else.

What have been some peaks in your career? I have begun coming out slowly, but surely.  First, me modeling for hair magazines and fashion shows, and then I later landed a local modeling gig for a few music videos and album covers.

Who are some of the people you have worked with? There a few that are defintenly out here making a name for themselves, such as Rezz Vokalz and Detroit’s very own DJ Snook, and a few others that are out here just trying make all their dreams come true, like many of us.

Has your work caught the attention of major companies? Have I caught the eye of anyone major? The biggest company I came in contact with is True Religon jeans and I have a few other jobs lined up.

Where do you draw the line, as far as the modeling goes? Nude modeling. That is where I draw the line because I have children. That is something I just can’t get down with.

What are some interesting personal facts about yourself? I live a stress free life and most people would not believe that I am a mother of four and thirty years old, when I look like I am twenty two years old and no children. I love to box, run, and that my personality seems to always win people over, whether I am trying to or not, but most important of all, I want sing more than anything in this world.

Do you get hit on often? Yes, and more than I like, too. It’s everyday no matter where I am, but I don’t let it go to my head, because that’s not the type of woman that I am. I must be treated as more than a pretty face. I am a woman who has morals, a sense of humor, a great head on her shoulders, and I would give my last dollar just to put a smile on anyone’s face, because I love to make a difference in people’s lives.

Compared to other models, would you consider youself to be more conservative, wild, or in the middle? Well, there many types of models and I can’t say who does what and I do not pass judgement on any of them, because I see everyone the same! Beautiful with their own style, but I’m definitely more on the conservative side, because I’m somewhat shy, and very quiet, but once I open up to you I am very fun to be around.

Can you talk about some of your favorite gigs? Well, my favorite gigs, I would have to say was back in 2006, when I did my first runway walk in the fashion show. It was for the white party and I was very nervous at first, but I said a prayer and God held my hand and I did my thing. Then, I went to my hometown and had my first video shoot, it was pretty exciting for me, cause not only was I doing something I loved, but I got to see my family as well.

See additional photos of Mz. Heaven below:

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