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HHV Exclusive: Coca Kazi talks Coke Boys, Hunnafied Records/Management, and “God Ble$$ The Grind: $ell Coke Forever”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A month ago, Coke Boy Brock spoke to Hip Hop Vibe about his mixtape, The Blackout 2, and his business ventures. When he was speaking on the artists he was working with, Coke Boy Brock mentioned Coca Kazi. After hearing a “hot joint” from Coca Kazi, Brock began working with him. Coca Kazi has since begun working with the Coke Boys and has signed with Hunnafied Records/Management. Currently, the Arkansas rapper is working on his new mixtape, God Ble$$ The Grind: $ell Coke Forever.

The Coke Boys movement has been going strong for five years, as French Montana made himself into a mixtape legend. Since signing with Bad Boy Records, French Montana has shifted his focus to his album. Meanwhile, Chinx Drugz also finds himself on the verge of stardom, representing in Queens. As far as the original Coke Boys go, Coke Boy Brock and Droop Pop have held the mixtape scene down, both releasing new mixtapes in recent weeks.

Coca Kazi finds himself now a part of one of hip hop’s hottest collectives. In addition to his own music making noise, Coca Kazi knows his cameo appearances, alone, will turn him into a star. Working hard on his new projects, Hip Hop Vibe caught up with Coca Kazi and he discussed the Coke Boys, being a part of Hunnafied Records/Management, and of course, his upcoming mixtape, God Ble$$ The Grind: $ell Coke Forever.

Read the entire interview below:

Some people rap because its fun, others view it as an escape, why do you rap? I rap because I’m good at it. If I stop rapping, I feel like there will be nothing like the music I grew up listening too. Rappers lack good quality and I want to provide that. Every area is not sounding the way it used to. Now, when you listen to music, everybody sounds like they come from the same place, the club!

Before linking with the Coke Boys, how many years had you been doing your thing? Shit man, I’ve been rapping for a minute. My first break came on MySpace in 2008, when Arillo found me and flew me to Atlanta. He co-produced “What You Know” by T.I. with DJ Toomp. I’m six mixtapes deep by the way.

What ever came out of that situation? I had a couple of deals. I almost got signed to Warner Bros., ended up meeting a lot of people in the industry, opening for many of the biggest names. The industry had a chance to see me. Young Dro and many other people were who I opened up for. I learned a lot and had a song on ESPN, made a lot of good contacts. Now, my face card is high, in Atlanta, it is all about the flex.

How did you link up with Coke Boy Brock? Through my big homie, K-Dog. I ended up getting into situations, but needed a clean break at rap. Went to Atlanta, met Mack Drama, and then linked up with K-Dog, who linked me with Coke Boy Brock. I first linked with Droop Pop and he was with the big homie. Being myself got me where I am at. They told me I was a good rapper and I took it as an honor. From there, we just started working. We are all the same type of people. K-Dog is my big homie. Mitchy Slick, of Strong Arm Steady, was also instrumental in helping me gain my footing.

From there did you sign with Hunnafied Records? I’m signed to Hunnafied Records/Management. It feels good. I’ve got songs with DUBB, Coke Boy Brock, Droop Pop. Hunnafied is everywhere, K-Dog and Mack Drama know everybody who is hot. Follow those dudes on Twitter, K-Dog @hunnafiedrecords and Mack Drama @mackdrama1017.

What would you say about the management there? I’ve been with them for two years and they do good business. They embrace my style as a street rapper. I’m me everywhere I go and they allow me to show that. Coca Kazi is really me, the hood gave me that name. When I got my first deal, I added Coca to my name to go along with Kazi, because another rapper had the name.

Will Coke Boy Brock and Droop Pop be featured on God Ble$$ The Grind? Yeah. They will be featured on the project. Those are my guys forever. I also have some surprises on the project.

Can you tell us more about God Ble$$ The Grind: $ell Coke Forever? Yeah. This is heat, I have my own producer Thrilla Da Trill, I also worked with Narcotic and they come with the heat. All of my stuff is in-house. People work with me, because I do not take away, I add. I rap how people are supposed to rap, this project is balanced. There is something for everyone, I might throw in Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz on the project, Ric Atari hooked that up for me. The song is called “Drop it Off (remix).”

I also have my group, KOD, we are all doing our campaign. Our CD coming out is called Drugs & Hip Hop. Hunnafied Management is rolling with me on that, too. I am an A&R at Hustle Committee, they have been around for a decade. I also have my 300 Ent. label, which has our own artists and producers. All of this will be showcased on my project, God Bless The Grind. With me, no is not an option.

When do you think you will release the project? This project should be out next month in October. Coke Boy Brock and Droop Pop featured me on their last project, so I returned the favor. Working with these guys are bringing me new fans. The people appreciate what I bring to the Hunnafied movement, while I’m still doing my thing in Atlanta. Overall, putting in a lot of work.

Do you have a website, or Facebook and Twitter profiles so the people can keep up with you? Yes sir! @cocakazi on Twitter, come follow me. I have my own website,, and I’m Coca Kazi on Facebook. I am one of those people who actually talks to my fans. Treating people how I want to be treated is what I credit to my success, so far.

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