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HHV Exclusive: Shay Johnson talks “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” reality television, and career goals

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HHV Exclusive: Shay Johnson talks “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” reality television, and career goals

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Longtime VH1 viewers should be familiar with Shay Johnson, who burst onto the scene late in the summer of 2006 as “Buckeey” on “Flavor of Love 2.” Teaming up with Larissa “Bootz” Aurora, Shay Johnson would clash with the likes of Tiffany “New York” Pollard and others before ultimately coming up short of winning Flavor Flav’s love. However, Shay Johnson was just beginning to establish herself as a brand.

Shay Johnson would also appear on the first season of “Charm School.” After leaving VH1, Shay began spending her time in Miami, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, pursuing her career as a model. In 2007, Shay reunited with Larissa, co-starring in Fabolous’ music video for “Baby Don’t Go.” During her time away from the televison screen, Shay Johnson kept herself relevant through the internet.

This past summer, Shay Johnson would return to television, once again with VH1. Shay Johnson, who always credits Atlanta for her opportunities, landed a reality television role in “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Friends with Lil’ Scrappy, their unique relationship became one of the more popular plot points for the series. In addition to her reality television roles, Shay Johnson is also focused on her own career.

Hip Hop Vibe recently spoke to Shay Johnson and she discussed her time on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and “Flavor of Love 2.” In addition to her reality television roles, Hip Hop Vibe would also talk to Shay Johnson about the goals she has set for her career.

Read the entire interview below:

How would you summarize your time on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?” It is a great opportunity to be back on TV, to sum it all up.

What are some misconceptions about what went on during your time on the show? The biggest misconception was people thinking that I was being played by one individual and the world did not see the full story. The view was very one-sided. It made it seem as if only one person was being played by an individual, when it was clearly two.

Are any of those emotional moments on the show staged or scripted? I can tell you that some of my emotions were not scripted. Of course, I cannot speak for everyone else.

Were you surprised by the way some of the stuff was broadcast when you saw it on TV for the first time? Yes. I was very surprised because there were a lot of things I did not know about that I found out about while watching the show like everyone else. It turns out I was lied to.

Has filming for the second season begun? Oh, I don’t know. I can’t answer that question.

Did VH1 have you in mind for “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” due to your background in “Flavor of Love 2?” They had me on the show because of my connection to Lil’ Scrappy, nothing to do with “Flavor of Love.”

Appearing in three major reality shows, will you star in your own reality series, or have you been approached about doing one? I was approached about doing one in the past and I was recently approached about doing one after I appeared in “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” But, right now, my interest is in branding Shay and not about love.

Being back on television, how many more gigs have you landed? I book frequently, so as far as that goes has been a blessing. Check out my Twitter and

With a background in modeling and reality television, will you be doing more acting in the future? Acting, to me, sort of comes along with what I do. When the right position comes along, I will do it. There is a lot more to Shay than just reality TV.

What projects do you have going on, outside of your television roles? At this moment, I am working on a radio position. I have always wanted to be a VJ, so we will see where that takes me.

How can we connect with you online? Follow me on Instagram @iamshayjohnson, Twitter @shayjohnson, my website, and search for me on Facebook “Shay Johnson.”

Do you still love Lil’ Scrappy? Yes I do and I always will.

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