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Follow model Kassie Staples on Twitter

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Earlier this summer, Hip Hop Vibe featured Kassie Staples as Hottie of the Week. During her feature, Kassie Staples revealed she had a lot of projects in the works. Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, Kassie Staples is making a name for herself outside of modeling. Working on a clothing and shoe line, Kassie Staples intends to have her brand around for years to come.

Social networking has become the new way of life, as people are connected at all hours of the day. With this in mind, Kassie Staples is building her online profile. However, running several businesses and being a full-time model, Kassie Staples has her hands full. Twitter has dominated social media over the past four years and the dominance is set to continue.

Kassie Staples is on Twitter, keeping fans updated on what is going on with her rapidly-growing career and networking with her associates. Those who enjoy Kassie Staples and her work have the opportunity to network with her on Twitter, also. With exclusive photos and up-to-date updates, Kassie Staples is inviting everyone to follow her on Twitter @sexikassie.

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