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D’NME talks working with DJ Whiteowl

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There has been much discussion surrounding D’NME’s recent success. D’NME represents a part of hip hop the game is missing, according to many. Focused back on lyricism, D’NME has built a solid international fan base, growing well beyond his native city, Toronto. D’NME enjoyed much success, releasing his breakout mixtape, Guns & Roses, back in June.

D’NME had DJ Whiteowl host the mixtape, which went on to receive critical acclaim. In addition to being met with rave reviews, D’NME also enjoyed Guns & Roses going gold on The mixtape has done well on several fronts. While D’NME finds himself one of the biggest stars on the mixtape scene, he has not gotten ahead of himself, reminding his fans his job is far from done.

Guns & Roses has become one of 2012’s most-successful mixtapes, on the same level as the new Lloyd Banks mixtape, V6: The Gift. Legendary New York City DJ, DJ Whiteowl hosted Guns & Roses for D’NME. With the touch of a legend, the mixtape was destined for success. Recently, D’NME revealed to Hip Hop Vibe what it was like working with DJ Whiteowl.

Read D’NME’s statement below:

D’NME – “Working with DJ Whiteowl was dope. Anytime I get the opportunity to work with him I take advantage of it. The moment I asked him to host “Guns & Roses” there was no hesitation on his part. When he heard it, he immediately added his element and took the whole tape to that next level. I knew having Whiteowl on it would give it that “New York” mixtape feel. We definitely have a high level of respect for one another’s talent.”

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