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HHV Exclusive: Coke Boy Brock talks “The Blackout 2” and history with the Coke Boys

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For four years before actually being signed, French Montana rose to the top of the mixtape scene in New York City. Much like what 50 Cent did with G-Unit, French Montana did with his Coke Boys. The results have been similar for French Montana as they were for 50 Cent.

Now signed with Bad Boy Records, French Montana finds himself the biggest new artist from New York City. The success has trickled down to his Coke Boys, as many of them have found their own success. Coke Boy Brock has become one of the biggest mixtape rappers in New York City, replacing French Montana.

Coke Boy Brock is among the numerous rappers from The Bronx finding success on the mixtape scene. In addition to working on his new mixtape, The Blackout 2, Coke Boy Brock also has his own movement in place. Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to speak with Coke Boy Brock only minutes ago. During the conversation, Coke Boy Brock spoke on The Blackout 2, which will be hosted by DJ Diggz and DJ Lust, French Montana, Bad Boy Records, and his history with the Coke Boys.

Read the entire interview below:

Are you excited about the upcoming release of The Blackout 2? Yeah. I am very excited. This is my best work out, everyone around me is seeing the overall growth. The growth of both me and my music. They are all about to get the real Brock. I am working with a more experienced engineer this time around, shout out to 45, 7, and LMG.

Will DJ Diggz and DJ Lust be hosting this mixtape too? Yeah. I kept the same DJs as the last tape. They are the homies, so I have them on this tape too.

As far as features, who do you have on The Blackout 2? I have a few artists under me, shout out to Coke Moolah, Coke Boy P out of Boston, and I have a throwback classic with me and French Montana from years ago. I have Doop Pop, I don’t want to leave anyone out. But, I did not want to have too many features on it, because this one was more about Brock. Main Scrap out of The Bronx, from Animal Clique is featured up there, I definitely cannot forget him. A lot of people will get mad when you forget them, so shout out to everyone who knows they are a part of this project.

What is the relationship like between you and French Montana? That is my brother from way back. I remember when he first came out here from Africa. Of course, we do not see each other as much, as Diddy has him all over the world now that he is with Bad Boy. But, the Coke Boys are a family, so we are still out here.

To be clear, the Coke Boys were not included in the Bad Boy deal? The Bad Boy deal is all French Montana and the Coke Boys is the movement under him, Coke Boys is his crew. Coke Boys is the movement, the team.

Well, how did the Coke Boys come to be? It all started as Cocaine City, shout to my boy O Rilla. We started the Cocaine City DVD way back. When we started the DVD, we started the rapping. That was me, French, Droop Pop, and Cocaine Cheeze, I went to prison and when I was gone, Max B began working with French Montana. Through this, Chinx Drugz became a part of the crew and then they were the Coke Boys. When I got out, I joined French Montana and Chinx Drugz as the Coke Boys.

Is Cocaine City Records still active, as everyone only mentions the Coke Boys? More than a label, Cocaine City was just the DVD we were pushing. Right now, it is not active, we are only the Coke Boys. But, I might speak to French Montana about re-starting that though.

Will any of the Coke Boys appear on French Montana’s debut album? As of right now, we are not sure, as the album is still being recorded. Given the contract politics, I doubt it, but the album is a banger. The streets will love the album.

Recently, Maybach Dice joined the Coke Boys, how did that come about? That deal took place between French Montana and Rick Ross, as they are working directly. Personally, I have had the chance to meet Meek Mill and Gunplay.

After The Blackout 2, what do you have planned next? I have a lot of business in the works, shout out to Mack Drama. I am planning a mini-tour after the mixtape drops. On August 31, we will start the tour in Atlantic City with the mixtape release party. I might start my own official LP out after that. I have a lot of stuff in the works after the mixtape drops that I am sure the streets will love. M-Eazy from Philadelphia appeared on the mixtape, Coke Boy P appeared and provided production, and so many others. I kept this project in the family, Red McFly produced for the album.

Previously, you mentioned the artists you have, can you talk about your own movement? There is a lot of talented people I have seen. With my foot in the door, I decided to create our own movement. So, I got Coke Moolah, from New Jersey, Coke Boy P from the Bronx, he raps, produces, engineers, and so much more, also Coke Juke, I definitely wish him well. I heard a hot joint from a guy named Cokakazi, so we began working together too. I have my own movement under the Coke Boys, me and Mack Drama over here handling business.

How did the business relationship with Mack Drama come to be? Through my guy, Droop Pop, we were connected. I like his business, love his work ethic. He keeps your name out there and keeps it pushing. You need guys like him because he keeps your name out there. I love his work ethic.

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