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Skyzoo releases track listing for “A Dream Deferred”

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Skyzoo releases track listing for “A Dream Deferred”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For years, Skyzoo has been one of the biggest mixtape rappers in the game. Skyzoo is the favorite of many on the mixtape level. A native of Brooklyn, Skyzoo eventually signed with the legendary Duck Down Records. Working with a legendary label, the popular Brooklyn rapper has a new mixtape in the works.

Skyzoo has talked about his mixtape, A Dream Deferred, for several months now. A few songs have been released and now the details are set to emerge. The release date for the mixtape was revealed to be October 2. Along with the date of release came the official cover of the project.

Discussing the cover, Skyzoo said “The idea was to demonstrate the feel of being in a dream and I wanted the album to represent that visually as well. Fabian’s work contains his signature star speckled background on all of his designs, so it made sense to use him with the stars representing a dreamy atmosphere. He’s an incredible artist and did an excellent job of bringing the theme of the album to life.”

The track listing was also released.

Track listing

1) Dreams In A Basement featuring Jill Scott (produced by !llmind)
2) Jansport Strings (One Time for Chi-Ali) (produced by 9th Wonder)
3) Pockets Full feat. Freeway (produced by !llmind)
4) Give It Up feat. DJ Prince (produced by !llmind)
5) Glass Ceilings (produced by !llmind)
6) Range Rover Rhythm (produced by Jahlil Beats)
7) The Knowing feat. Jessy Wilson (produced by Eric G)
8) Drew & Derwin feat. Raheem Devaughn (produced by Focus)
9) Realization feat. Jared Evan (produced by DJ Khalil)
10) The Rage of Roemello (produced by DJ Khalil)
11) How to Make it Through Hysteria (produced by Best Kept Secret)
12) Steel’s Apartment (produced by Black Milk)
13) Spike Lee Was My Hero feat. Talib Kweli (produced by Tall Black Guy)
14) The Cost of Sleep (produced by Tall Black Guy)

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